Lola chilling in the shade on the rooftop terrace

A tribute page to my cat Lola. Because all cats deserve a web presence.


stack of CDs

I am really into collecting CDs again now, after a complete break from purchasing CDs since 2011. What should I put here? Maybe some reviews of CDs? Listing my collection? Need a think...

Coming soon...


a fat open book

Currently on bedside table:


Ă…lesund by the sea with lightleaks

For years I've been obsessed with analogue photography (I am tempted to say since before it got trendy... - Oops, I just did!). I guess I will have to make a little gallery here - stay tuned.

WIP but you can sneak a peak


charcoal drawing of a shell

Follow me on my journey of learning how to draw!


the BeoVision MX400 TV

I'm a casual gamer and have been playing a few PS games over the years. As my nostalgia virus struck I started playing the PS3 again. I also found an amazing CRT TV that someone had dumped outside and my wish came through. I will get back to this here!

Coming soon...